Lovers Instagram Their Incredible Journey Around The World

Lovers Instagram Their Incredible Journey Around The World (8 photo)


Instagram isn’t just a place for photos of shoes, legs and half eaten food – occasionally you can stumble across some seriously cool photographs that serve to inspire & captivate.
One such series title ‘Follow Me’ by Instagram user Muradosmann documents a rather mysterious and beautiful girl leading him by the hand in various locations around the world. Together they visit the likes of Moscow, Disneyland in Paris, Italy, London, Hong kong Venice and Berlin – each time with his partner leading the way.
The photos themselves not only paint a picture of wonder, discovery and love, they do so in magnificent detail. But who are they? What does each of them look like? Well, their identities are revealed (as well as their most recent travels) via their official Instagram feed.
In the meantime, sit back and just imagine being there with them!

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