Malleable Paper Sculptures by Li Hongbo

Malleable Paper Sculptures by Li Hongbo (11 photo + 2 video)

Li Hongbo is a Chinese artist currently living and working in Beijing. Born in 1974 in Siping City, Jilin, China, Li has always had a deep fascination with paper and it’s properties. “You can never predict what it will become in the end,” Li says of paper.
In a recent solo exhibition entitled, Pure White Paper, at the Dominik Mersch Gallery, Li displayed dozens of his sculptures, meticulously crafted from thousands of individual sheets of paper, glued together to create a a kind of ‘honeycomb’ structure that makes the sculptures entirely malleable and flexible.
Be sure to check out the animated gifs and videos below to see these transformative works in action. For more still imagery, you can find a larger gallery at the Dominik Mersch website.

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