A Series Of Immensely Beautiful Animated Animal GIF's

A Series Of Immensely Beautiful Animated Animal GIF's


Sure there are countless GIF’s floating around the interwebs with many of them contain cats, cats and even more cats leaping around on a never-ending loop. But what about all the other creatures in the animal kingdom? Where’s their piece of pixelated perfection?
Well Dutch visual artist Marinus provides hope to them all with his fantastic blog dedicated to nature, animals & the world around us. Using footage from various animal documentaries and carefully stitching them together, he’s created a series of superb animated animal GIF’s designed to make you sit back in wonder.
There’s something uniquely different about watching an animated these animated animal GIFs vs traditional video footage. There’s something a little more innocent and genuine in these silent moving images, as opposed to having them clouded with evocative commentary or logos splashed all over them.
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