Artist Ursus Wehrli Visually Organizes Life

Artist Ursus Wehrli Visually Organizes Life

Swiss artist and comedian Ursus Wehrli is an artist with a wonderful sense of humour. He’s best known for taking the famous artworks of Seraut, Chagall and “tidying” them up, whereby he seperated out all the different elements from the original artwork and organised them visually. Amusingly enough, he even attempted to organise the work of Jackson Pollock – but in the end opted to simply place all of the paints back into their original paint cans.
The images you’re about to see are from his latest book The Art of Clean Up, whereby he’s shifted his focus from the art world to everyday objects and situations.
We love his work, its playful, original and witty – here’s hoping he continues to entertain for many years to come.
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