Drake makes it rain in the strip club, but why…

Drake makes it rain in the strip club, but why…


Drake recently went into a Charlotte strip club and made it rain to the tune of $50,000. Drake and his friends don’t appear to be getting anything for their money at first sight, HOWEVER, TMZ is hinting that Drake might have a reason after all. Allegedly, TMZ reports that in fact these substantial sums of money thrown around a strip club could actually be deductible on their taxes. “These expenses could be deducted if they are “reasonable … and are directly related to [the rapper's] business.” Funny thing … a lot of rappers say making it rain is something they have to do to build their image so people will buy their records, so as crazy as it sounds, they may have a leg to stand on.”
So is Drake brilliant, or just being a reckless douchebag? I’ll let you decide
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