Phenomenal Brazilian Street Mural As Tall As A Skyscraper

Phenomenal Brazilian Street Mural As Tall As A Skyscraper


Brazilian local artist Eduardo Kobra, has really raised the bar with his majestic tribute to Brazilian architect and innovator Oscar Niemeyer who sadly died at 104.
Widely regarded as one of the greatest architects of his generation (he was known in the industry as ‘a sculptor of monuments’) he was the architect behind Palácio da Alvorada, Cathedral of Brasília, National Congress of Brazil & Niterói Contemporary Art Museum to name a few. Outside of his homeland, he even played a significant role in designing the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.
Aside from his buildings, his legacy has now taken a different form thanks for Kobra. His vibrant and modern mural of Oscar, towers 52 meters into the air, running along the side of skyscraper situtated in Paulista Avenue (one of Sao Paulo’s most compact and dense streets.). As you’re about to see from the photos, it’s gigantic and stands 16 meter wide. Due to its scale Korba has to enlist the help of 4 people into his team to finish the project off in time. the shapes and fragements of the portraits were inspired by Niemeyer’s very own architecutral style. It’s an innovative & visually stunning tribute to a man who was reknowned for exactly both those qualities.
Photos by Alan Teixeira.
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