Street Performer Fights Back Against Rude Pedestrian

Street Performer Fights Back Against Rude Pedestrian


Normally you’d have to throw a buck or two towards a street performer to get them to even move. So if you think about it this guy lucked out — as did we! Recently posted to YouTube by an on looker in Australia, this video shows a street mime hard at work when a random jerk decides to come up and taunt him. Not only does he proceed to poke the robotic cowboy and toy with his hat whilst circling him, he then delivers the hellish and always-dreaded wet willy. Luckily, when the two come face to face, he’s on the unfortunate (but well-deserving) receiving end of a not-so-robotic knuckle sandwich. As far as the crowd, they didn’t see to mind. What do you think?

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