Vintage Furniture Catalogues Overrun By Monsters By Nadine Boughton

Vintage Furniture Catalogues Overrun By Monsters By Nadine Boughton


You might have seen those rather funny retro furniture catalogs from the 1950’s at various garage sales and charity shops. A funny reminder of times gone by, when all people worried about was whether the sofa set would match the lampshade. But visual artist Nadine Boughton is adding her own twist to these aspiration images of yesteryear, by adding in illustrations from numerous adventure stories also from the same era. As the overall aesthetic and even fading of the both the books and illustrations is similar, the end result is a collage that looks startlingly real. We reckon she must have a great deal of fun creating these works, starting off with a sense of tranquility and calm, before adding in some god-forsaken monster or wild animal into the scene! Below are several examples of her work, but mak?id=26271e sure you check out the full series via her official site.

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