Jaw-Dropping Photo Realism Digital Portraits By Sheridan Johns

Jaw-Dropping Photo Realism Digital Portraits By Sheridan Johns


“That’s the wonderful thing about digital art – there are no limits” Those are the fine words of Sheridan Johns, an artist who hails from Melbourne, Australia. She’s the talented illustrator behind these jaw-dropping photo realistic portraits of some of our most loved characters in pop culture. “I started doing digital paintings since 2003 – just messing around with Photoshop 7. Art has always been a big part of my life. For many years it served as my outlet of creativity. From a simple sketch to a rendered portrait, I’ve always been able to discover a new technique when creating a piece of art. Back in 2005, I decided to take this style more seriously, looking into more details, depth and color with each piece. I pretty much taught myself!252?id=262220by studying other digital painters and their techniques and tutorials. It takes a lot of practice and research, but it’s well worth it in the end.” Amen to that.


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