These Japanese Dudes Really Know How To Dance

These Japanese Dudes Really Know How To Dance (1 photo + 1 video)


Don’t let the photo fool you – this video is totally going to blow you away. Remember when you first saw Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” - the scene where he leaned forward at that impossible angle and you took your breath away? Well you’re on the right track, when it comes to the new video from Japanese group World Order (who are comprised of 7 dudes) and titled “We Are All” Basically, it’s the coolest thing you’ve about to watch on the internet all week. To dance the way they do, to have such flawless timing would take literally hours and hours and hours of rehearsals – but sheesh it’s worth it. The entire music video looks laden with special FX and time-lapse trickery – but the whole thing is done in real time, in the middle of every day life in Japan. It is quite simply…phenonmenal.

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