Alcohol Milk Cartons - Design Awesomeness

Alcohol Milk Cartons - Design Awesomeness


It will probably never happen, but it imagine….alcohol served in milk cartons. Well imagine no more, artist Jorn has done just that. Taking some of the world’s leading alcohol brands like Jack Daniel’s & Absolut Vodka, he’s reworked, redesigned and repackaged them as milk cartons. I find it strangely amusing, expecting to see “Dariy Farmers Low Fat Milk” and instead being presented with Jägermeister (and lets face it, it would certainly spark and interesting conversation around the breakfast room table.) Hats off to Jorn for successfully highlighting the importance of packaging and indeed design when it comes to branding and doing so in a fun and irreverent way. Would you drink your favorite alcoholic brands from a carton instead of a bottle or can? Let me guess, so long as it gets you drunk, it doesn’t matter right? Hahaha.

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