When Everyday Objects Come Alive, Artist Terry Border

When Everyday Objects Come Alive, Artist Terry Border


We’re officially adding Terry Border to our list of favorite artists. He takes everyday objects & literally bringing them to life with his humor and vision. When asked about his inspiration, he simply stated: “Basically, I get ideas for photographs when everyday objects remind me of something else. Then I try to think about how I can show others the connection I made. The next step – I try really hard to take it one step further – add humor, emotion of some kind, maybe an ‘aha’ moment. For example, with Mail Order Bride, I came up with the characters, but the little chair against the door really makes that shot for most people. Then again, sometimes an idea just pops into my head. That makes me happy.” Terry Border then – smart, funny, conceptual and unique. Don’t forget to tell us which is your fav!

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