Photo Realism Finger Paintings Full of Raw Emotion By Paolo Troilo

Photo Realism Finger Paintings Full of Raw Emotion By Paolo Troilo


You'll want to remember the name Paolo Troilo. A fast rising star in the art scene, the 40-year-old is known for his incredibly expressive black and white works that have a photorealistic quality about them. Of course, that's not the most interesting part. The highly energetic pieces were not created by charcoal or pastel, they were made by splattering and spreading paint on canvas using nothing but fingers. Yes, these are finger paintings. Troilo's incredible works are just starting to garner him a lot of attention, especially in the United States. Three years ago, Gap's visual creative director, Stephen Brady, was visiting one of his stores in Milan when he just happened to walk past a gallery that held one of Troilo's paintings. As SF Gate states, "It was an exuberant piece, with photorealistic detail outlining abs, biceps and the shades of the shirt - perfect, he thought, for their new flagship store in Rome. He commissioned one with the gallerist that day." "What Brady didn't know was that it was a finger painting."

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