Can You Spot the LEGO Sculptures Hidden Within the Scenes?

Can You Spot the LEGO Sculptures Hidden Within the Scenes?


In Pieces is a seemingly ordinary photo series that, in fact, incorporates LEGO objects that go unnoticed. Sculptor Nathan Sawaya and photographer Dean West joined forces for this creative multimedia project, each applying their area of expertise to produce a set of deceptive images that lead the viewer's gaze to wander in search of fabricated objects or subjects. In one frame, we're presented with an image of a man in his underwear standing by an indoor pool. Just about anything could be the elusive LEGO object(s), but it turns out to be the towel hanging on a hook and the flip flops on the ground. In hindsight, the blocky objects may seem obvious; however, much of the image is already pixilated. The scene is filled with boxes that make up the tiled walls and floor, not to!?id=271282520mention the artificiality of lighting and Photoshop edits that are typically rendered in digital photography and print ads.


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