Jaw-Dropping 2D Pin-Up Girl Paintings By: Serge Birault AKA Papaninja

Jaw-Dropping 2D Pin-Up Girl Paintings By: Serge Birault AKA Papaninja


Make no mistake, there are some really talented artists and illustrators out there creating really beautiful works of art. Serge Birault, aka PapaNinja isn’t one of them. He’s on a whole new level all by himself. He’s the mastermind behind this collection of jaw-dropping 2D Pin-Up’s. Rarely have such beauty, creativity and skill all come together in such perfect harmony. Regardless of the subject matter (which hey I’m a fan of obviously!) they are simply stunning works of art. I’m sure Dita Von Teese would certainly approve! I’d totally have them all over the walls in my house – wouldn’t you? Phenomenal.

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