Old Fashioned Star Wars Illustrations By Nick Agin

Old Fashioned Star Wars Illustrations By Nick Agin


Lets face it, you can never have enough Star Wars can you? But for all the millions of memes, mashups and fanpages littering the internet – hardcore Star Wars fan Nick Agin is adding a new twist into the mix. We all know that Star Wars is set light years into the future…but what if it wasn’t? What if Star Wars was based in the Renaissance era? With gunslinging cowboys and gentlemen clasping fine cigars and single malt whiskies? Rather than Darth Vader, what if he was simply known as “Uncle Vader” to the locals? Well, you don’t have to imagine for long – because that’s precisely what Nick has done with his superb & humorous collection of reto Star Wars illustrations. The usual suspects are present and correct – the question is, which side of the force are you on? High five Nick !

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