The Future According To Sci-Fi Films (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Future According To Sci-Fi Films (INFOGRAPHIC)


It’s often been said that Sci-Fi films are brief glimpses into our technological future (although quite why we don’t have lightsabers yet is anyones guess – it’s like scientists aren’t even trying). A really simplistic example of that (H.G. Well’s War Of The Worlds aside) is Star Trek. Remember when you saw the sliding doors open automatically when Captain Kirk boldly stepped onto the flight deck? Well, these days you experience those same automatic doors every time you go to the local supermarket. And how long will it be before we get floating holographic screens to work from, like those featured in Minority Report? Bye bye iPad. Now of course a lot of sci-fi films are deliberately ridiculously far fetched but some (as we’ve just noted) are a lttle closer to reality than we first imaged. The talented Michael Hobsonfrom Tremulant Design has put together a timeline based on the future of the human race – according to all the major sci-fi movies. Apparently the zombie Armageddon is taking place next year, so now is probably a good time to stock up on some spare ammo…


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