9 Beautifully Dark & Brooding Hyper-realistic Paintings By Damian Loeb

9 Beautifully Dark & Brooding Hyper-realistic Paintings By Damian Loeb


I recently discovered the visual stunning work of American hyperrealisitic-oil painter Damian Loeb. At times it’s virtually impossible to distinguish the fine strokes of his oils works from that of a high-resolution photograph. In an era where modern art seems to be putting greater emphasis on the ‘concept’, Loeb is one of the few artists out there flying the flag and embracing the traditional techniques & craft used by some of the world’s greatest painters. Make no mistake, it is no easy task creating and painting with oil – it requires an incredible sense of patience, restraint and calm. For that he should be admired regardless (it’s certainly a harder route to take) but his technique, brilliance and the clarity of his work speaks for itself.


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