Can You Imagine Your City Without A Single Person?

Can You Imagine Your City Without A Single Person?


We all need quiet time, a few moments or hours away from the hustle and bustle of the world around us. The constant hum of the city, whether it’s thunderous car engines churning away, police sirens whizzing past or the jumbled din of a thousand conversations that pervade the sidewalks – sometimes, it can become just a little too much. Which is why we love the concept of a new photographic series titled ‘Silent World’ by travel photographers Lucie & Simon. They visited cities across China, US, France & Italy putting together these strangely tranquil and peaceful images. Through their travels, they’ve photographed a world where humans simply don’t exist. No zombie invasion like 28 Days Later, no tourists taking photos, no rude man pushing past you, no weary locals that have seen it all – just the city, alone and silent. A buzzing metropolis, reduced to a mere ghost town.

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