Wicked Burger Art by Fat And Furious Burger

Wicked Burger Art by Fat And Furious Burger (17 photo)


Burger time! But not just any burger – try choosing from the Trojan Horse or Neil Armstrong burgers. Two graphic designers from France, Quentin and Thomas, started this random project one afternoon, after they decided to photograph one of their meals and put it online. “We were so bored of random food at lunch, so we started cooking together. It soon became a kind of ritual: improvising and experimenting new ways of cooking a burger,” – they say. Gradually it cought up and evolved into a website Fat & Furious Burger. If you dig deeper, you’ll notice that Quentin and Tomas’s burger art reflects recent events and everyday headlines. For example, to commemorate Neil Armstrong’s passing the duo created an all-white burger, floating in a sesame-seed galaxy and topped with coconut shavings. After the 50th anniversary of James Bond films they created a golden “My name is Bun, James Bun” burger. Check out more funny examples of burger art!

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