The Surreal & Mind-Blowing World Of Fashion Designer Madame Peripetie

The Surreal & Mind-Blowing World Of Fashion Designer Madame Peripetie (19 photo)


Move over Lady Gaga, Madame Peripetie (aka Sylwana Zybura) has arrived. The German-based conceptual photographer is responsible for the absolutely extraordinary images you’re about to see. Blurring the lines between sculpture, fashion and the human form, she creates these surreal images – brimming with color, a hint of sci-fi and loaded with a sense of eccentricity & the absurd. She cites her main influences as being the new wave era of the 1980′s, the UK post-punk scene and the avantgarde work of Robert Wilson. Breathtaking and other-wordly we’re sure you’ll agree.

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