Unique & Stylish Portraits Of Strangers On The Street

Unique & Stylish Portraits Of Strangers On The Street


One of the most enjoyable aspects of travel, is meeting new people and sharing stories. That’s precisely what travel photographer Adde Adesokan has done with his new (and ever-expanding) series titled ‘The Triptychs’. Why the name? It’s all based around the premise of “Meeting total strangers, get to know them and then take three personality-matching body shots and make them one.” It makes for an engaging range of images, breathing new life into the classic portrait photo as it were. The subjects come from all corners of the world, Hong Kong, London, Sapa, Berlin, Ho Chi Minh City as well as Paris. Along with including the location of each of his images, Adesokan has added a short yet revealing insight into stranger staring back at you. Enjoy!

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