A Sweet-Tastic Chandelier Made From 5,000 Gummy Bears

A Sweet-Tastic Chandelier Made From 5,000 Gummy Bears


If you could resist any sweet tooth urges, then this sweet-tastic chandelier by visual artist Kevin Champeny would make the ideal conversation starter at any dinner party. Individually hand-made from 5,000 individual gummy bears and measuring an impressive 31” diameter, it’s unique, colourful and fun way to brighten up any room in your house. After all, who doesn’t like gummy bears right? Aside from potentially wanting to eat it all the time though, you’re going to have to find $6,500 if you want to own it. Though there are smaller versions made with from 3,000 gummy bears for $2,400. Both are available via Kevin’s site or you can experience more of his curious and creative wonders via his official Tumblr account.


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