What Does Niki Minaj's Real Hair Look Like? Check it out!

What Does Niki Minaj's Real Hair Look Like? Check it out!


Nicki Minaj is known for her cornucopia of wigs, which allows her to change her hair and look daily. That’s why she is able to rock the long, straight and platinum blond locks one day and swap ‘em out to sport a bright pink angled bob the next. But rare is the case where we get to see her real strands. With all the strain and stress being placed on her natural follicles, you’d think her real hair, which rarely sees the light of day, would be short and somewhat damaged from the strenuous workout she puts it through in order to accommodate for all of her faboosh wigs. It would not have shocked us if she even went bald underneath so that her wigs sit better on her noggin. Not so! Minaj tweeted a photo of her mega long, layered, cut-to-a-point natural black hair, which hangs all the way down her back. We were surprised that it is that long, making it harder to tuck under her faux hairpieces! It’s in decent condition, too, considering the beating it takes. The ends could use a snip and she could lob off several inches to purge the dead ends. But overall, the condition is decent. Below is her tweet, which is just a bunch of hashtags about her locks and their length. She suggests that she will wear her real hair out once it reaches her butt, so there goes our whole suggestion of trimming the ends to clean it up a little. “#LongHairDontCare#HangTime#ImaWearItOutWhenItTouchesMyA–.”


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