Say No to Guns: Top 10 Improvised Movie Weapons

Say No to Guns: Top 10 Improvised Movie Weapons


As the world of cinema likes to frequently remind us, people die. With the exception of the cutesiest family film, most movies will feature someone being beaten, maimed or murdered. Interesting plot points maybe, but that doesn’t mean these scenes can’t get repetitive. A constant bombardment of death is depressing at the best of times, but there’s no need for it to boring too. So I appeal to the filmmakers of the world: put away your guns, knives and explosives, and get creative when ending your characters’ existence. Fortunately, there are people who share my view, and have already given us some innovative, fresh, and down-right bizarre weapons. Below is a short list I have compiled, displaying an array of unlikely instruments of death, that show us that when it comes murder, they haven’t run out of ideas just yet…

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