Astonishing Images Let You Follow The Footsteps Of History

Astonishing Images Let You Follow The Footsteps Of History

Here’s a fascinating project we found, which was first released back in 2004. It was designed to promote and compel individuals to subscribe to the History Channel on cable television. The tagline for the campaign was “Know Where You Stand” and it was up to travel photographer Seth Taras to bring that concept to life.
He did so, quite spectacularly we think. He traveled to famous historical landmarks around the world, photographing them in the present day and then superimposing the original photos shot in the same location all those years ago. He visited the Berlin Wall, the beaches of Normandy, retraced Hitlers steps and even went to the field where the fateful Hindenberg disaster occurred back in 1937. The past merging with the present as it were.
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