David Letterman Grilled Lindsay Lohan Until She Cried

David Letterman Grilled Lindsay Lohan Until She Cried

Is it cool to say that Lindsay Lohan earned some of my respect last night? Probably not, but I think she did. As much I might want to bag on her right now, the fact is that it had to be hard to sit in a chair next to Letterman — who has rightfully cracked hundreds of jokes at her expense over the years and held nothing back last night — and endure what she endured, most of the time rather graciously and with a smile on her face, until, that is, the end, when she finally began to break down a little after Letterman praised her for having “enough spine, enough sense of yourself, enough poise to come out here and talk to me.” Frankly, watching a broken person squirm on stage under the bright lights made me kind of sad.

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