Michael Fassbender Lulz And GIFs

Michael Fassbender Lulz And GIFs

I've had some random-as-hell Fassbender images and GIFs stashed away for a while now just waiting for an excuse to toss them together, and wouldn't you know today is everyone's favorite huge-dong'd German-born actor's birthday. I don't know exactly what it is about the guy, but the internet -- Tumblr especially -- simply can't help themselves. And even the stuff that makes no sense works exceptionally well. Maybe because he's so likable. Or maybe because everyone hopes he'll buy them dinner later. Who knows?
Regardless, here are some of the best Michael Fassbender lulz the web has to offer. If you find yourself feeling at all bad for having a laugh at the expense of Magneto's homoeroticism just remember that Fassy is probably celebrating the day by having sex with models on top of piles of cash.

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