Astonishing Hyper-Realistic Scenes Made With LEGO

Astonishing Hyper-Realistic Scenes Made With LEGO

It’s rare that a collaboration can produce such magnificent results as this.
Nathan Sawaya (known to many as ‘The Brick Artist’ these days) is the ingenious sculpture behind some of the most impressive LEGO works you’re ever likely to see. He paired up with the award-winning Australia photographer Dean West to collaborate on the startling exhibition In Pieces. It was a project that spanned many years, but their hard work, dedication and sheer patience as produced some astounding visuals.
Together they conceptualise the story and West then dramatically photographs the scene. The twist comes when Sawaya mischievously inserts his hand-made LEGO sculptures ‘somewhere’ into the photograph itself. The duo traveled around America shooting scenes in a variety of locations from Nevada to Utah, from New York to California. The net effect is a blend of hyper-realism, sheer elegance and sudden surprise.


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