Now You Can Make Insects Fly From Your iPhone

Now You Can Make Insects Fly From Your iPhone

Now depending on how old you are, as a kid you might have had a kite, driven remote-controlled toy truck into the feet of countless family members or been creative and bored enough in class to make paper aeroplanes. Our curiosity and fascinating with objects that we can manoeuvre at will probably comes from our own frustrations and physical limitations.
After all, who hasn’t wanted to fly or float around in space?
We can’t all be astronauts sadly, so that’s why we often find ourselves settling for the next best thing – a car, a boat, a plane or something which we can dictate the direction and freedom of. But now things are about to get interesting, feel free to put that remote-controlled car in the garage indefinitely. As of today, you can control your own personal insect and have it crawling around doing your bidding at will. Don’t worry, they’re not real insects, just clever little devices that sync with / and that you can control with your iPhone.


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