Discarded Lottery Tickets Turned Into Extravagant Items

Discarded Lottery Tickets Turned Into Extravagant Items

There are millions a stake, but ultimately millions upon millions never win – that’s the reality of playing the lottery.
In fact, it has been said that playing the lottery is for people who are bad at mathematics,your chances of winning are no greater than 1 in 176,000,000.
In fact, you have more likelihood of getting being killed by vending machine (1 in 122 million) than getting your hands on all that cash. Still there here is always hope right? And hey, someone, somewhere has to win! When some incredibly lucky individual does win lotto, you often here tales of ridiculously extravagant purchases and luxury items bought with reckless abandon. That was the inspiration behind ‘Ghosts Of A Dream’ ( by visual artists Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was.
Together they tried to imagine an outrageously expensive vehicle a wealthy individual might buy and then add their own spin to it. Choosing the Hummer H3, they amusingly pulled together $39,000 worth of losing lottery tickets (the cost of the Hummer itself) and used those discarded tickets to cover it.


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