Notorious Bad Guys Become Colorful Gay Icons

Notorious Bad Guys Become Colorful Gay Icons

Make no mistake Scott Scheidly is not only an immensely talented oil painter, he’s got a wonderful sense of humour too.
Based in Florida, he recently created a spectacular series of portraits title ‘Pink’ whereby he’s taken some of the world’s most evil, macho and notorious bad guys and transformed them into satriical gay icons. Religious and political figures such as The Pope, Hitler, Stalin and Kim Jong Il plus many more are all given the campy pink treatment in what is a funny, stylish and colourful series of portraits.
You can find out the other creative projects Scott is currently embarking on via his official site, why not send him a suggestion for some other evildoers to paint?
In the meantime, we hope enjoy his skilllfull & funny work – we sure did.


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