After Canceling Concerts, Rihanna Showed Up At The Miami Heat Game

After Canceling Concerts, Rihanna Showed Up At The Miami Heat Game (6 photo + 1 video)

According to the hip kids on my street that I pay to not steal my packages from Amazon, singer and woman who has voluntarily dated Chris Brown multiple times, Rihanna, recently canceled some of her concerts on her latest tour because she hasn’t been feeling well. However, as I have dabbled in garage medical practice in the past, the best cure for pop singer fatigue has always been going to Miami Heat playoff games.
Rihanna sat courtside with her friend during last night’s Heat blowout of the Milwaukee Bucks, and just look at how edgy and in-your-face they were with their white Heat sunglasses and cunnilingus finger poses. Kids these days.


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