That Commercial Where Shinji Kagawa Plays Soccer With a Talking Dog

That Commercial Where Shinji Kagawa Plays Soccer With a Talking Dog

In Manchester United midfielder Shinji Kagawa’s first season with the Red Devils, he’s collected five goals and three assists in 17 appearances, including a nifty hat-trick against Norwich in February. But, but, but. But. Those stats are mongoose turds compared to this commercial Kagawa shot for Japanese telecommunications and Internet company SoftBank, which features, besides Kagawa, a talking dog and beluga whale.
Just yeah. This commercial makes no sense and the Japanese is machine-gun fast. The folks at 101 Great Goals have a transcription of the dialogue, which, if accurate, also makes no god damn sense, but it’s Monday morning, the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet and life makes absolutely no sense until Friday afternoon. Might as well watch the commercial below and laugh at how ridiculous the beginning of the work week is. Because Mondays are goal-scoring dogs.


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