Incredible Images Of Teenage Freight Train Hitchhikers

Incredible Images Of Teenage Freight Train Hitchhikers

This unorthodox (& partly illegal) journey began 9 years ago, back in 2004.
It was during that year that photographer Mike Brodie would throw caution to the wind and hitchhike numerous US freight trains documenting the life of a group of his friends – wayward teenagers, adventure seekers & high school runaways. From taking in the view from the rooftops of train carriages to sleeping amongst the rough banks of the railroads themselves, Brodie was there capturing an incredible moment in time.
It all began when Brodie initially found a discarded Polaroid camera tucked behind a car seat, that was the very moment that his passion and love-affair with photography started. To date his adventures have seem him travel over 50K miles, snatched a lift from 170+ long haul freight trains and passed through 46 US States in the process.
We’ve rarely seen photographs with such character and soul. There’s a rawness to Brodie’s work, a reflection one would think on the ramshackle nature of his environment. The images below were shot using 35mm film, providing a rich tapestry to his exhilarating and unique journeys.
You can see more from Mike’s compelling collection via his official website:


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