Jimmy Kimmel Tricked People At Coachella

Jimmy Kimmel Tricked People At Coachella

I love this clip. I love it so much. So, so much. Like, T—-H—-I—-S much.
Here’s what’s happened: Jimmy Kimmel Live sent a correspondent to Coachella to ask some of the quasi-hippies in attendance about a bunch of hip, new bands that played this year’s festival. As you can imagine, people were very excited to talk about how much they love the innovative, fun sound of bands like The Chelsea Clintons, or how they used to spin Two Door Cinema Club’s debut album, DJ Cormeal, on their Canadian community radio station, like, all the time. There’s only one small catch, really a non-issue in the grand scheme of things: Most of the bands the Coachella attendees were asked about do not — in the most technical, rigid sense of the word — exist.

I have watched this video three times, and after a great deal of consideration I have decided that my favorite person in it is the dude on the left in the above screenshot. He takes approximately zero seconds to throw himself headfirst into the notion that there’s a band called Obesity Epidemic, and that he loves them. It’s beautiful. He’s like a character Paul Rudd would play if he made a cameo in an Apatow-produced movie about a young couple who ends up at a music festival.
But seriously, you guys have to see Get The F*ck Out Of My Pool. They wail.


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