My Knitted Boyfriend means you'll always have someone to cuddle with

My Knitted Boyfriend means you'll always have someone to cuddle with


Dutch designer and illustrator Noortje de Keijzer has designed a life-sized knitted body pillow in the shape of a man. Keijzer's "My Knitted Boyfriend" project consists of two different oversized cushions, "Artur" and "Steve." And to help you "personalize your man," the pillows come with a number of accessories, including knitted moustaches, glasses, watches, bow-ties, and even tattoos. There's also an illustrated book to show you what you can do with your knitted companion. Keijzer had her mother and grandmother hand-knit the body pillow. The time had come, she says, for a man in her life. "I could say that's a joke, but it is partly true."


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