10 Saddest Episodes Of Otherwise Happy Shows

10 Saddest Episodes Of Otherwise Happy Shows

Earlier this week, Comedy Central announced that they aren't planning on renewing Futurama, meaning unless the show goes exclusively online, its seventh season will be its last. Hearing the news, I wasn't sad or angry or impatient that it hadn't happen, yet, slightly tainting the show's near-perfect, pre-revival legacy — all I could think about was Seymour. Cancellation = no more = death = Seymour = TEARS.
Although Futurama has some of the most genuinely moving moments in TV history, no one would ever mistake the show for a drama — it's a sitcom first and foremost, and for every sad scene, there are hundreds of Zoidberg dances. So, in honor of Futurama, let's take a look at 10 of the most gut-wrenching (i.e. depressing) episodes of otherwise comically inclined shows. Series finales are exempt because that's too easy. Sorry, "Goodbye Michael." I'm pretending The Office ended then, because it did.


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