22 GIFs Of Stupid People In Ridiculous Infomercials

22 GIFs Of Stupid People In Ridiculous Infomercials

Now we all know ‘infomercials’ are designed to do two things, 1. Relate to your problem 2. Offer you a product that will solve it. The trouble is despite their best efforts to be compelling many of their products are either utterly useless to verging on the pointless. Yet for every 100 people that roll their eyes and change the channel, 1 person will pick up the phone and order an item which when it finally arrives, they will instantly regret.
To highlight just how ridiculous infomericals have become, here’s a series of 22 unliley scenarios they’ve created – all with the sole of aim of selling you a product for only 4 easy payments and a free set of cheap kitchen knives. Do let us know your favs! And own up, have you ever bought any from the shopping channel?


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