Mischievous Characters Painted On McDonald's Packaging

Mischievous Characters Painted On McDonald's Packaging

Part illustrator, part graffiti artist and all-round mischief maker Australian artist Ben Frost has just created a mischievous new series of artworks, whereby he’s used the iconic McDonald’s french fries packet as his canvas. Australian’s are renowned around the world for their sense of humour and there’s a great deal on display in this fun mini artworks. Bart Simpson in the most unlikely of poses and Mickey Mouse cross-dressing whilst reaching for a gun are just a few of the unique twists Frost gives these iconic characters.
Below are just a few selections from his series, but you can view the full extent of his unique brand of pop culture art via his official site. If you like what you see, you’ll be happy to know you can even buy some of these original artworks direct:


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