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10 Movies Critics Loved That Fanboys Hated

10 Movies Critics Loved That Fanboys Hated

It is not uncommon for there to be a disparity between regular cinema-goers and film critics, though given the assumption that film critics are more “harsh” and discerning than regular punters, it tends to be critics hating a movie that the general movie-going public enjoyed. Why else would Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen rake in so much money despite a risible Rotten Tomatoes score?
Occasionally, however, it will go the other way, and critics, with their broader mission – which will be to determine whether a film functions for the target audience at large – will praise a film that the series’ hardcore fans will nitpick into oblivion for betraying the source material.
By their nature, film critics are not fanboys about many franchises – at least not in a conventional way – so they may give a free pass to something that the hardcore fans see as a real problem. Here are 10 movies critics loved that fanboys hated…


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