8 Shocking Movies Hollywood Made With Dead Actors

8 Shocking Movies Hollywood Made With Dead Actors

There aren’t many worse things that can happen on a film production than your star dying; after all, how the Hell are you supposed to finish things when your protagonist can no longer appear on screen?
Though many filmmakers would simply abandon the film and admit defeat, in these 8 instances, a “never say never” attitude resulted in some shocking movies that either demonstrated inventive genius, or an incredible lack of taste, or just made us wish that the film had never been made. Many got up in arms about that rumour a few years back that George Lucas was going to use CGI to “resurrect” dead actors, but boy, that’s got nothing on these actual incidents…
From poor editing tricks to flat out lying to consumers about how much of their role the late star had actually filmed, situations like this can catch directors and producers at their most unscrupulous. Ranging from superbly crafted Best Picture-winning blockbusters to the worst of the worst, here are 8 shocking movies that Hollywood made with dead actors…

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