'Legion Of Supervillains' Imagines Real-Life Evil In Comic Books

'Legion Of Supervillains' Imagines Real-Life Evil In Comic Books

You had at me at Osama Bin Laden as Green Goblin. One of the more impressive illustrated projects out there today, be it Hiter-related or not, comes from Butcher Billy, who, in "The Legion of Supervillains," imagined what real-life bad guys, such as Stalin and Mark David Chapman, would look like as comic book evildoers.
"Some might say all art is a reflection of the times we live in. If back in the day comics and movies were pretty naive and faced only as pure escapism, today's fiction has to evoke reality to create something truly meaningful... and frightening.
This series is an experiment where a dictator, a psycho, a murderer (sometimes they are the whole package) or even a suspicious figure from real life is mashed with a comics bad guy - strangely related some way or the other with his counterpart."
The depressing thing? Realizing that if the comic book supervillains were actually the ones threatening real life, the world wouldn't be such a bad place.


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