Complex & Beautifully Symmetrical Landscapes Of Earth

Complex & Beautifully Symmetrical Landscapes Of Earth

It’s not first time that Google Maps has been reconfigured and subverted for the arts, but it’s certainly one of the more creative.
David Thomas Smith is a visual artist currently living in Dublin who has just released his frankly stunning photographic series ‘Anthropocene’ – it’s received critical acclaim from all corners of the web and right so. The word ‘Anthropocene’ is actually geologic chronological term that serves to mark the evidence and extent of human activities that have had a significant global impact on the Earth’s ecosystems.
Smith purposely didn’t randomly cobbled together a series of images, instead he meticulously selected each part of the world based on not only its visual appeal, but whether that particular area was economically, socially and even politically important. Just how much of a role had our culture, desires and values played in the development of these areas? Smith deliberated on each of those facets before transforming each area into re-imagined frontiers and beautiful symmetrical landscapes.
Below are a few examples from this fascinating & complex series, you can see the full extent of his project as well as where it will be appearing next via his personal site


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