Dumbfounding Client Feedback Turned Into Hysterical Posters

Dumbfounding Client Feedback Turned Into Hysterical Posters

Have you ever visited Clients From Hell? If even the slightly bit artistic or creative, you’ll find it is without a doubt one of the funniest sites on the internet. The premise is simple, graphic designers and creatives submit genuine comments and feedback from clients anonymously.
Sounds ok so far doesn’t it?
But the requests and responses utterly defy belief at times! From the ludicrous & absurd to countless moments where you feel compelled to just bury your face in your hands, such is the idiotic nature of the questions. They serve as an amusing insight into the maddening world in which creatives have to work and the daily battles they face to make their clients happy.
Two Irish designers and Paddy Treacy & Mark Shanley knew exactly how that felt, so they decided to take the premise / concept further and turn those comments from clients into actual posters. They collaborated with numerous designers, illustrations and creative directors to collate all the feedback, highlighting the most dumb-founding requests and creating inventive & unique posters for each.
They’ve titled the series ‘Sharp Suits’ and below is a selection from their hilarious endeavour, you can find out more about the project via


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