The World's Tallest Bicycle Hits The Streets Of LA

The World's Tallest Bicycle Hits The Streets Of LA

Move over hipsters on your penny-farthings, there’s a new bicycle in town and it towers above you all – quite literally.
Avid cyclist and general bike fantastic Richie Trimble decided to shock locals in LA by taking out his 14.5ft custom bicycle out for a spin. He’s given it the rather apt name of ‘Stoopid Tall’ and just for good measure used a Go Pro camera to capture the view as he cycled around La Cinega Boulevard through to the famous Venice Beach – startling onlookers and locals as he went by.
Whilst he thankfully didn’t fall off or injure himself, as you’re about to see he did get himself in some awkward predicaments such getting a little too close for comfort with a highway overpass…


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