Want a Comic Book About Lindsay Lohan’s Misadventures? You’re in Luck

Want a Comic Book About Lindsay Lohan’s Misadventures? You’re in Luck (4 photo)


Things you’d never thought you’d hear but now you have: Lindsay Lohan‘s biographical comic book is now available. The comic, titled ‘Infamous: Lindsay Lohan’ was released yesterday (May 1) and follows the trials and tribulations of LiLo’s numerous struggles with the law. As the plot summary states: “She was on the fast rack to superstardom until her wild lifestyle, dysfunctional family dynamic and multiple run-ins with the law derailed her career. But despite it all, Lindsay Lohan … has cornered the market on infamy and yet continues to thrive. ['Infamous'] follows the roller coaster life and career of the young actress who is now more famous for her off-screen exploits than anything she has done in movies.”

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