Leonardo DiCaprio Makes ‘The Great Gatsby’ Look Really Great

Leonardo DiCaprio Makes ‘The Great Gatsby’ Look Really Great


Oh blessed are we for we are receiving a new Leonardo DiCaprio movie! ‘The Great Gatsby‘ hits theaters next week, but why wait until then to swoon over Leo? Leonardo DiCaprio is a national treasure, a guy we’ve loved since he was on ‘Growing Pains,’ and who grew up to be quite the attractive young man. He stole our hearts in movies like ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and ‘Titanic,’ but then he decided he didn’t want to play your typical heartthrob roles anymore, so he got real with stuff like ‘The Departed,’ ‘Shutter Island,’ and ‘Inception.’ He’s definitely one of the most interesting and engaging actors working today, and is always selective about the roles he takes, working frequently with legendary director Martin Scorsese. But next week sees the release of ‘The Great Gatsby,’ a film in which DiCaprio reunites with his ‘Romeo + Juliet’ director Baz Luhrmann and everything comes full circle. This time around, Leo doesn’t seem to be playing a swoony cutie like Romeo — he’s more of a cad, this Gatsby guy, and he seems to have some pretty dark secrets. Let’s take a few minutes to admire the sexiness of this leading man who seems to only get more attractive with age — but don’t they all?


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