Actor Aaron Johnson Has Grungy Sex Appeal

Actor Aaron Johnson Has Grungy Sex Appeal


British actor Aaron Johnson is one you definitely want to watch if you aren’t already, and we’re really digging this grungy-dirty-sexy thing he has going on. Would all men look like this if they stopped washing their hair as often? Nevermind. We didn’t ask that. Aaron Johnson, also known as Aaron Taylor-Johnson because he’s married and took his wife’s last name (true renaissance man), is a guy that’s been on my personal radar for years, with roles in films like ‘Kick-Ass’ and ‘Nowhere Boy.’ But the rest of the world finally seems to be coming around to how cute this guy is. He starred alongside Keira Knightley in last year’s adaptation of ‘Anna Karenina‘ as the dashing Count Vronsky, a dude with a mustache that should have been a big red flag to ol’ Anna, but I guess when you live in Russia, red flags are the jam. Johnson was so, so sexy in the movie — sexy enough that I overlooked the horrific scene in which Knightley LICKS HIS MUSTACHE. Gross. But I quickly got over my brief bout of nausea to continue appreciating his prettiness. Coming up next, you can see Johnson in ‘Kick-Ass 2‘ and ‘Godzilla.’ Or you can check out these sexy photos and hop on the bandwagon.


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