Don Cheadle Goes Heavy Metal and Heavy Sexy in ‘Iron Man 3′

Don Cheadle Goes Heavy Metal and Heavy Sexy in ‘Iron Man 3′

Hey, Robert Downey Jr. isn’t the only sexy guy in ‘Iron Man 3,’ which blasts into US theaters on Friday, May 3. Don Cheadle also stars in the film — and damn, he’s looking fiiiiiine.

Don Cheadle can be such an under-appreciated actor. He’s wowed in films like ‘Hotel Rwanda’ and rocks it every week on the Showtime series ‘House of Lies’ alongside fellow cutie patootie Ben Schwartz. But this weekend Cheadle gets into superhero mode as Rhodes, aka Iron Patriot, in ‘Iron Man 3.’
That’s right, Robert Downey Jr. isn’t the only sexy leading man strapping on an iron suit to save the day — after appearing in ‘Iron Man 2,’ Cheadle returns and gets into the heavy metal for action and adventure.
Don is 49 years old, if you can believe it. No, really, just let that marinate for a second. The dude is almost 50 and he looks AMAZING. Whatever Vitamin Water he’s drinking or supplement he’s taking is totally working out for him.
He also starred in ‘Boogie Nights,’ ‘Crash,’ last year’s ‘Flight,’ and the ‘Ocean’s 11′ trilogy, so you’ve definitely seen him around, but maybe you never realized how cute he is since he’s always on screen next to hunks like Brad Pitt, Mark Wahlberg, George Clooney and Denzel Washington.
But ladies (and like-minded gentlemen), take notice.


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